Anyone for Poland?

Club regular Charles Glass emails to tell us about a Kania Lodge in Poland run by war correspondent John Borrell. John’s happy to give club members a discount if you fancy a stay. Sounds like a fantastic place for a good break or a bit of book writing according to Charles.

"Kania Lodge near the Hanseatic Port of Gdansk in Poland turns out to be the perfect place to write, and I’ve been looking for years. Also good for holidays. The staff provides all services, the food is impeccable and the wine selection one of the best outside Berry Brothers’ cellars. Proprietor John Borrell is a veteran war correspondent, who did his time in Africa, the Mideast and Central America for TIME. He’s offering a ten per cent discount to all Frontline members on rooms, food, wine and services. It’s a great time." link

Incidentally Charles will be at the Club on March 24 to discuss his new book, Americans in Paris Life and Death under Nazi Occupation 1940-44.