Andrew Keen admits failure

Andrew Keen came to London with a motion some called ludicrous – Is new media killing journalism? – debate ensued at the Frontline Club and in today’s Independent he admits, he lost.

It was my job to argue that the internet is killing journalists. To cut a long debate short, I lost. It was my motion, rather than imaginary journalists, which died. Three-quarters of the writers and broadcasters who showed up at London’s Frontline Club on 2 May for the debate rejected news of their own imminent death and voted down the motion…
…I’m afraid that the only hacks mortally threatened by this convergence are “new media” columnists like myself whose livelihoods depend on pontificating about the chasm between new and old media. I’m the Tyrannosaurus rex in this evolutionary saga. So next May Day, instead of getting roped into another Unesco gig, I intend to march in solidarity with myself. I just hope I can stay alive till then. link