Anastassia in Bogotá

The first of our new bloggers is up and running today. Anastasia Moloney is a British freelance journalist based in the Colombian capital, Bogotá. She’s a regular contributor to the Financial Times, a contributing editor for the Washington-based website World Politics Review and she has previously blogged for The Guardian’s Comment is free. She’ll be blogging about the ins and outs of life as a freelance foreign correspondent working in Colombia and also about some issues that don’t always receive the amount of media attention they perhaps deserve. Welcome to Anastassia.

Covering another part of South America here at Frontline is Mexico City based Deborah Bonello who uses a range of video, text, pictures and audio to report from Mexico for the likes of the Los Angeles Times. Deborah’s blog is a superb example of how to report on a blog using a wide range of multimedia. We’ll be talking to Deborah about this more in the coming weeks. In a couple of months we will be launching a third South American blog from a British journalist based in Buenos Aires in Argentina.