An Abomination

Jerome Corsi at the airport yesterday. AP

Two things you don’t do in Kenya right now: Criticise Barack Obama when the country is in the midst of Obama mania; suggest Raila Odinga is an extreme socialist who rose to the position of prime minister on the back of violence conducted by radical muslims. Jerome Corsi, neo-Con author of Obama Nation, managed to do both yesterday. And was promptly kicked out of the country.
You could try to suggest that this is an outrageous check on Kenya’s democracy, stifling debate and once again shooting the messenger. You could argue that it is a case of Kenya’s hierarchy throwing their weight around once again, silencing their critics. Or you could conclude that Corsi is an odious piece of work who was lucky the basement of Nyayo House, the immigration department HQ, is no longer used to torture critics of the regime.
(I’ll be posting about my role in his nasty little book once I’ve got my hands on it.)