Amanpour to America

After eight years,”probably the world’s highest paid reporter” and occasional Frontline Club MC, Christiane Amanpour is to up her British sticks and head over the pond to New York. The Scotsman profiles the CNN stalwart ahead of the move,

Her dispatches from Berlin as the wall fell; from Iraq during the first Gulf War; and from the Balkans made her a household name. In a speech at an awards ceremony in 2000, she talked of losing friends and seeing others wounded “by snipers, by mortar shells, by landmines and by the crazed Kalashnikov-wielding druggies at checkpoints… I have spent almost every working day of the past ten years living in a state of repressed fear”. How does she deal with that?
She pauses. “I don’t talk about that much, it’s difficult to endure. It’s difficult to say you’re not affected when you spend your whole professional life in other people’s misery.” The best debriefing sessions, she says, are in the pub with other war reporters. link