Al Shabab Rallies Troops for Mogadishu Defense

Al Shabab. AP photo.


On Friday Sheikh Moqtar Robow Abumansor, a top military leader in Somali Islamic group Al Shabab, declared war against the U.S.- and U.N.-backed Transitional Federal Government and the African Union peacekeeping force in Mogadishu. This at a time when the TFG and peacekeepers are clearly planning for a major offensive against Al Shabab.

A War Is Boring correspondent tell us that Moqtar Robow addressed “hundreds of worshipers” at Nasreddin mosque in southern Mogadishu. “Robow said his movement is ready to face an onslaught by the Western-backed government.”

“This war is a religious obligation for all of us,” Robow told the crowd after prayers. “The soldiers of Allah are now fully ready to launch attacks to eliminate the enemy from the country.”

“Our promise is to engage in all-out [warfare]. Are you going to be with us?” Robow shouted. Our correspondent describes the “crowd of faithful” roaring back with a resounding, “Yes!”