Against all odds

UNHCR steps into the gaming world with an online game that allows you – the gamer – to experience what it’s like to be a refugee. To beat the game, called Against all odds, you’ll need to escape a hostile town, guide your character over dodgy borders and stay alive in foreign countries. via BBC News,

The game was developed in UNHCR’s Stockholm office using money from a local donor. In 2005 staff released it in Norway and Sweden, and set about encouraging teachers to use it in middle school civics lessons… “The target audience is the children… And they find these games easier than the adults. Besides, those levels show what it is like to escape from a police state: it is meant to be a challenge.” link

Even so, I wouldn’t mind a bash and I haven’t been a kid for quite some time. And if being a refugee doesn’t take your fancy you can always revert to type.