AFP reporter injured in Mumbai

An AFP reporter is among four people injured in crossfire outside the Taj Hotel in Mumbai today. A commando operation is currently underway to secure the hotel following the attacks of the past 24 hours. AFP reports that the journalist, a camerawoman, was not seriously hurt,

Four grenades were launched into a part of the hotel where the militant or militants were believed to be hiding. Fire was returned and an AFP camerawoman at the scene was struck in the leg by a splinter and taken to hospital. Her condition was not serious. link

The night before, Preeti Acharya, an Indian journalist with the Mumbai-based news outfit DNA, entered the hotel in search of a scoop,

“I can never forget those five hours when I was trapped in the south side lobby of the Taj Hotel. The terrorists were banging on doors, trying to take hostages but did not succeed as the rooms were locked.”
Acharya said she saw at least three grenades fly past her and was injured in the attack. “The grenade attack shook the whole building and soon there was a rain of glass pieces and one of them scraped my leg sharply,” she said.
“As I shook in fear, I realised all the cops had vanished. The presence of an Italian freelance photographer and a curious onlooker who had snuck in and was talking on his cell did not help. Another blast from a grenade injured the onlooker who had now realised the dangerous situation.” link