AFP launch Asia Media Award

Agence France-Presse announced the launch of the Kate Webb Award last night in Hong Kong. Kate worked for AFP in Asia for sixteen years. The New Zealand born foreign correspondent covered many wars, coups and conflicts throughout the region.
Notoriously, she was captured by North Vietnamese soldiers in Cambodia in 1971. Along with five others, she marched through the jungle for 23 days, was given up for dead, earned a front page obit in the New York Times before exiting the jungle in one piece. She received another New York Times obituary when she died in May, 2007.
Winners of the Kate Webb Award will win €5,000 with the aim of allowing the recipient the chance to explore a part of the region they might not otherwise be able to visit. The grant will be run by AFP in conjunction with Kate’s family and will be announced each year on March 24, Kate’s birthday.