31 very interesting things: 1. Deutscher Girls

[video:youtube:9fmg3JKHAcM] So Graham Holliday in his noodlepie guise has invited me to join him in his 31 very
interesting things challenge
. This is of course right up my street, as the sort of very tedious person who might ask you over the starter to name your top 3 records of all time. It’ll be a bit of music, a bit of TV and other media stuff.
I’ll copy Graham for my opening choice, by picking the first 7″ single I ever bought. And uncannily I also bought it in Woolworths in 1982 (Tunbridge Wells branch). Like most of my friends at that time I was a big AntFan and had already been given the Prince Charming and Kings of the Wild Frontier albums for Christmas. I didn’t know Adam and the Ants were part of the new wave that had ridden into town on the coattails of punk. I just liked the Burundi Beat. Deutscher Girls marked a defining moment in my life – I was old enough to buy my own music.