24th Marine Expeditionary Unit in Afghanistan

If you want to follow the efforts of the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit against the Taliban in Garmsir, Helmand province, there’s various places you can do it.
There are a couple of embedded journalists reporting on the activities of the 24th MEU: Michael Phillips for the Wall Street Journal and Daily News Reporter, Jennifer Hlad.
The 24th MEU also have their own blog and their Public Affairs Officers are actively engaging in the blogosphere. In a recent post on Abu Muqawama a couple of officers have been quick to jump in and clarify some of the difficulties the 24th MEU have had financing a compensation scheme for local Afghans.
Why would you want to follow the 24th MEU? Well, they seem to be doing quite an important job; they’re hanging around for a bit longer than they expected; and just occasionally you might get some snippets of news about British soldiers operating nearby.