16 Minute Film on BBC Newsnight Tonight

Tonight is the night: 10.30pm on BBC 2. BBC Newsnight plan to show my 16 minute film. I could get bumped off by a major news event and if this happens it should then appear tomorrow night. The film might get picked up by BBC World and shown internationally.
The 16 minute film was shot on one particular operation in the Sangin Valley. Rather than narrate it myself, which is the usual way these stories get told, I have interviewed the 4 Grenadiers involved and got them to explain it. So the film has no formal interviews, nor do you see me!
I am also putting extra material on BBC Newsnight’s website, including an interview with Brigadier John Lorimer, the Brigade Commander of 12 Brigade, currently in Helmand.
Once the film has been shown I will upload it to this blog as soon as possible.