About the Frontline Club

Whether it’s eating, drinking and conversation, or debate, training and films, the Frontline Club offers everything you could want from a media club. With its history rooted in the freelance video news industry, the Club has drawn together a diverse group of people who share a passion for current affairs.

Set up by Vaughan Smith in 2003 in honour of colleagues at the Frontline News Television agency who died pursuing their work, the Frontline Club quickly became a centre for a diverse group of people united by their passion for quality journalism and dedication to ensuring that stories that fade from headlines are kept in sharp focus. It exists to promote freedom of expression and support journalists, cameramen and photographers who risk their lives in the course of their work.

The Frontline Club celebrates its history with a selection of artefacts and memorabilia and a permanent photographic exhibition that includes iconic images from some of the world’s finest photographers, including Robert Capa.

As well as the private club room, which has internet access, newspapers and a selection of magazines, there are also bedrooms available to members.

Food is served in the club room and the ground floor holds an award-winning restaurant. Both the club room and restaurant menus include British classics with much of the produce supplied by Vaughan Smith from his Ellingham Farm in Norfolk.

The second floor houses the events room, used for the Frontline Club’s packed programme of debates, and documentary and film screenings which bring together many of the world’s best journalists, photographers, filmmakers and thinkers.

The events programme is run by the Frontline Charitable Trust, set up to promote independent journalism and provide training in the safety of journalists and other media workers in areas of conflict.

From Frontline News Television to the Frontline Club, 1989-2013