WORLD PREMIERE Screening – Western Sahara: Building Oblivion

Screening 4 November 2007

Building Oblivion is a new provocative political work that reveals how the Western Sahara cause has been neglected, and how UN efforts to resolve the crisis have been frustrated. Film-maker and writer Jean Lamore takes us deep into the Saharawi controlled regions of Western Sahara, highlighting the oppression faced by the Saharawi nationalists in the Moroccan occupied territory.

A politically oriented documentary, Building Oblivion criticizes the French government for its support of the Moroccan monarchy’s oppression of the Saharawi people and its attacks on the free press. Lamore ventures deep into the liberated territories of Western Sahara with young combatants of the Polisario Front and confronts the minefield border that divides the lands of the Saharawi people into two.

Building Oblivion looks at the struggle of the Saharawi people, who feel abandoned by the international community in a conflict largely unknown by the rest of the world.

Director: Rodolphe Darblay
Writer/Presenter: Jean Lamore
Writer/Editor: Raphael Fleuriet
Length: 52 mins