We got it!


31 NP 01

Dear Frontline Club Members,

In a committee meeting last night, Westminster Council granted us permission to alter the planning use of 31 Norfolk Place, the building directly opposite the Club, so that we can convert it to a bedroom annex for our members.

We are over the moon. In a few months we will have 11 bedrooms for you, nine in the new Annex and two in the main building.

We had 400 letters of support, mostly from members and this made a big impact on the committee. Pranvera and I are very grateful to you all for this support.

In planning matters, local residents and business groups have great sway. We are particularly indebted to both Nick Johnson of the Hyde Park Estate Association, our local residents association, and Kay Buxton of the Paddington Waterside Partnership, both of whom championed our case and gave us lots of very helpful advice.

We were also very fortunate to have the energetic support of our ward councillors, Heather Acton, Antonia Cox and Jean Paul Floru. Last night Jean Paul Floru gave up his time to make an extremely persuasive presentation to the committee on our behalf which made a great impression in our favour.

I know that you will be pleased to learn of the considerable local goodwill that the Frontline Club enjoys and I will be thanking them on all on your behalf.

All the best,

Vaughan, rather pleased