UK Premiere Screening: The Putin System

Screening Sunday 7th October, 2007

A year after the murder of renowned Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya and coinciding with Vladimir Putin’s 55th birthday, The Putin System takes an in-depth look at the rise of Russia’s controversial president.

A pawn in the KGB system, Vladimir Putin patiently, and invisibly played all the rules of the game to reach the throne of power, never forgetting his true allegiance.Since March 2000, the Kremlin’s grand arbitrator, has unscrupulously orchestrated a new system :

The massacre in Chechnya, in the name of Russian sovereignty, the quasi abolition of a free press,
the crushing of political opposition and of democracy, the "privatization of the state" by government oligarchs, the elimination of "enemies" inside and outside Russian territory.

Any opponents to Putin’s system are the enemy within, the American "wolf" and the West, the enemy without. Added to the sale of nuclear and conventional weaponry, oil and gas are Putin’s new weapons, his empire and his challenge to the world.

From the communal flat in St Petersburg where he was king of the gang, to the Kremlin Palace The Putin System shows the methodical rise to power of a man who has employed every means to become one of the most important and authoritarian leaders in today’s world. The worst is perhaps still to come…

"When you control the past, you control the present, when you control the present, you control the future" George Orwell and Vladimir Putin…

Produced and Directed by: Jean-Michel Carré and Jill Emery
Length: 95 mins