UK-Premiere: With or Without Fidel

Screening Sunday 3rd June, 2007

With or Without Fidel is a ground-breaking documentary that features Cuba’s leading politicians, intellectuals and artists as they debate the future of the island’s 48 year-old revolution.

At issue is whether the Revolution will survive the passing of its ailing leader Fidel Castro.

This documentary captures the mood and sentiments of Cubans from all layers of society. It talks of the challenges, aspirations, opportunities and fears.

With unprecedented access to the country’s leading politicians, dissidents, intellectuals and thinkers With or Without Fidel is a rare glimpse into the realms of Cuban society.

As an independent production company Rice N Peas Films was given a free hand to produce an honest portrayal of the island during this important moment of its history.

The documentary features Ricardo Alarcon, President of the National Assembly; Abel Prieto, Minister of Culture; Mariela Castro, daughter of Raul Castro; Fernando Martinez Heredia, founder member of the Cuban Communist Party; Oswaldo Paya and Oscar Chepe, two of Cuba’s leading dissidents; Pablo Armando Fernandez, the island’s prominent writer; and many others.

Director/Producer: Ishmahil Blagrove Jr.
Assistant Producer: Natasha Tsangarides
Editor: Catherine Arend

Time: 57 minutes
Location: Cuba