UK-Premiere: In Memoriam Alexander Litvinenko

Screening Sunday 20th May, 2007

What began as a case of food poisoning in a London sushi restaurant has escalated into a political spectacle of treachery and intrigue not seen since the end of the Cold War.

Aleksander Litvinenko, former member of the Russian secret service, succumbed to polonium-210 radiation poisoning on November 23, 2006.

Two years earlier, Litvinenko shared his secrets and named his likely assassins to filmmaker Jos de Putter.

In an arresting interview, Litvinenko tells of his time with the secret police, his experiences in Chechnya, his work with murdered journalist Anna Politkovskaya and his investigation into a series of Russian bomb attacks that led to Vladimir Putin’s first presidential election victory.

This film also looks at the emotional toll the murder has taken on Litvinenko’s family. 

His widow Marina and father Walter lay bare the suffering his death has caused and talk about the Litvinenko family’s forced life of exile.

Sensational and chilling, de Putter investigates one of the world’s most chilling spy scandals.