TV journalism in the 21st century: The real golden age?

Talk October 12, 2010 7:00 PM


— Peter Horrocks, BBC director of global news

— Ben Cohen, Channel 4 News technology correspondent

— Greg Beitchman, global editor of the Reuters news agency

Simon Bucks, associate editor at Sky News.

Chaired by Matt Wells, head of audio at the Guardian, and presenter of the Media Talk podcast.

There is much talk of Old Media platforms of news print and TV being wiped out by digital platforms. But TV is still world’s most dominant communication medium and is growing year on year – TV journalism now reaches more millions of people around the world than ever before.

The BBC sells its news channels across the world to more clients than ever before; new broadcasters like al Jazeera and France 24 have set up operations across the globe and in multiple languages and the internet offers new ways for video journalism to be produced quickly and cheaply.

So with TV entering its own digitally-connected, multi-platform future, this Frontline panel asks: is this the real golden age of TV news?

This event is part of our monthly On the Media series, produced in association with the BBC College of Journalism.