POSTPONED Trial by media: Is press coverage redefining justice?

Talk March 22, 2011 7:00 PM

The coverage of the Joanna Yeates’ murder investigation has again raised questions about contempt of court laws and the way the media appears to be pushing the boundaries of reporting restrictions.

While the banning of ITV journalists at a police press conference during the investigation into the murder reflects tensions between the police and the media, the News International phone hacking scandal raises questions about the working relationship between the police and the tabloid press in particular.

What impact is rolling news and the blanket coverage of some murder investigations having on our justice system? And what impact are social media having Рnot only in terms of increasing public scrutiny  of the police but also the recent decisions to allow journalists to use Twitter to report from the court room?

Join as at Frontline Club for a lively debate on these issues, and the partnership between the police and the media.


Andrew Trotter OBE QPM, Chief Constable, British Transport Police and chair of ACPO Communications Advisory Group;

Additional panelists to be confirmed.

This event is in association with the BBC College of Journalism


Picture credit: Adrien Lebrun