Third Party Event:Time of the Gypsies?

Talk 16 November 2007

An evening of artwork, debate and music to mark The First Roma Pavilion at the 52nd Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art.

A collaboration between the Media Diversity Institute, Artefacta and The First Roma Pavilion, November 16, 6.00pm-11.00pm. Free. Seating limited. For more information and to book please contact [email protected], telephone 078 0079 9905.

In Search of Paradise Lost
The First Roma Pavilion at the Venice Biennale – Virtual Tour by Artefacta.

For centuries, Roma/Gypsies/Travellers have been represented in art created exclusively by non-Roma. But this trend is changing. Paradise Lost is the very first exhibition at the 112-year old Venice Biennale to showcase contemporary European Roma artists.

With artists representing eight countries, this is the first truly European pavilion in the Biennale’s history. Many observers have concluded that “this first genuine European culture can only enrich our understanding of a future Europe without borders” (Wim Wenders, film director).

The Roma Pavilion will be presented by an Artefacta-produced virtual tour. A co-production between the Italian Istituto Enciclopedia Treccani, the London-based Trolley Publishers (specialised in art and photography editions) and the art-documentary production company Dinamo Italia, Artefacta uses Google Map technology to provide a virtual trip through the 52nd Biennale.

Visit the website of Paradise Lost.

Hosts: Stefano Scialotti, Artefacta Project Director, and Delaine Le Bas, British artist represented at The First Roma Pavilion.

Travellers Welcome? Gypsies Welcome?
Re-thinking media images of the Roma, Europe’s largest minority

Gypsies: admired, glorified and made mysterious by artists, musicians, and film-makers; downgraded, demonised, undervalued by the media. Stereotyped in various ways, but “never seen for what we are” (Daniel Baker, British artist). What leads editors and reporters to rely on unhelpful stereotypes? Are there differences in portrayal between the tabloids and quality media? What parallels can be drawn from how the media treats other marginalised groups? And what can be done to transform negative coverage?

Speakers: Delaine Le Bas, British artist represented at The First Roma Pavilion at the Venice Biennale; Jake Bowers, the UK’s only Romani journalist, presenter of Rokker Radio, BBC; Orhan Galjus, Romani activist, film producer and journalist, Kosovo/The Netherlands; Claire Frachon, PANOS Institute Paris. Moderator: Joy Francis, Managing Director, The Creative Collective, London.

Visit the website of the Media Diversity Institute.

On Travel(ler)s and Music
Gypsy music evening featuring DJs Garth Cartwright and Leon Parker

An evening with two renowned DJs for party-goers who like spontaneous passion and fun. Garth Cartwright, author of Princes Amongst Men: Journeys with Gypsy Musicians (Serpents Tail), wandered around Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and Macedonia, following Gypsy musicians and learning about their history, beliefs, experiences and hopes. Leon Parker, “record hunter and DJ,” likes travelling around the world and finding rare and exotic music. One of the things he says greatly influenced his life was “a trip through the Balkans by train in 1980 and seeing my first live Gypsy band.”

Finger food and drinks will be served.