FULLY BOOKED THIRD PARTY EVENT: Who is winning the media war in Afghanistan?

Talk September 15, 2010 7:00 PM

Is the conflict in Afghanistan becoming Britain’s Vietnam? Is the media reporting it properly or simply embedding the truth with the journalists?

The Media Society is hosting a lively discussion chaired by Kevin Marsh of the BBC College of Journalism. With Brigadier Mark van der Lande OBE, head of Operational Communication, Ministry of Defence; Tim Marshall, foreign affairs editor, Sky News; Frontline Club founder Vaughan Smith and Caroline Wyatt, BBC Defence Correspondent.

There will be a drinks reception afterwards to celebrate the publication of: Afghanistan, War and the Media: Deadlines and Frontlines, edited by Richard Lance Keeble and John Mair, published by Abramis, 13 September.

Thanks to support from the BBC College of Journalism, The Media Society, Coventry University (Coventry Conversations/International),  Lincoln University School of Journalism, ICE (The Institute for Communication Ethics) and Abramis publishing.


Photo: copyright Vaughan Smith