Third Party Event: The Roddy Scott Foundation

Talk Wednesday 26th September, 2007

Each year since Roddy’s death on September 26th 2002, his family and friends meet at the Frontline Club to raise a glass in his memory.

This year you are invited to join them at this special event in the Forum as they launch a foundation in his memory. David Loyn will comment on the outstanding contribution freelance journalists have made, and introduce some of Roddy’s work. Stina and Robin Scott will talk about their visits to the Pankisi Valley in Georgia, from where Roddy and the group he was with set off on their way to Chechnya. He was killed on the border of Chechnya and Russia at Galashki, a small village in Ingushetia which is a distant province of Russia. The Roddy Scott Foundation aims to enrich the lives of the people of the Pankisi by supporting the development of a range of locally based activities and enterprises, and children’s education; benefits often denied them due to their geographical location and ethnic origin.