EXTERNAL EVENT – Iraq 7 Years Later: A Journey of Return

Talk April 29, 2010 7:00 PM

Seven years after the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq, New Internationalist co-editor Hadani Ditmars returned to a land she last visited in October 2003 to research her book Dancing in the No Fly Zone.

With more than a million people dead in the wake of post-invasion violence, infrastructure in ruins despite $53 billion dollars in ‘aid’, rampant corruption and continuing human rights abuses, the promise of democracy remains a hollow one.

But there are signs of life amidst the devastation. The national theatre has re-opened, women continue to defy oppressive fundamentalism, and young people dream of a better future, where a renewed sense of national identity trumps sectarian divisions.

Join Hadani for the launch of the May issue on Iraq, as well as a lively discussion on the country’s future with special guests Hassan Abdulrazzak, who wrote the play Baghdad Wedding, gay rights activist Ali Hili, and writer Haifa Zangana.

Due to unforeseen booking problems at the Frontline Club this event will now be held at the Hellenic Centre
16-18 Paddington Street, Marylebone, London W1U 5AS
Tel: 020 7487 5060 www.helleniccentre.org

Further information can be found on the New Internationalist website