Third Party Event – Dominic Lawson in conversation with Dr Michael Nazir-Ali: Neutrality or Truth? Reporting Islam post-7/7

Talk Thursday 6th December, 2007

Have the London bombings changed the way we should report Islam in Britain?  Is it right to be ‘neutral as to religion’ – to quote a senior judge?  Is moral equivalence about faiths realistic or justified?  The world’s only Anglican bishop from a Shiah background discusses what it’s like to be in the post-7/7 media spotlight, in a culture that still thinks of itself as ‘secular’.  

Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, once tipped to be Archbishop of Canterbury, is the 106th Bishop of Rochester, and a Persian-speaking scholar of Islam.

Dominic Lawson is former editor of the Spectator and The Sunday Telegraph, who now writes a column for the Independent. 

This is the LAUNCH EVENT OF LAPIDO MEDIA – a new media consultancy specialising in religion and world affairs.

Please do not book online.