Third Party Event – Aid agencies and the media – a match made in hell? – FULLY BOOKED

Talk Tuesday 15th April, 2008
Journalists and aid workers are increasingly seen as targets in conflict zones. Rising insecurity is making it harder for both groups to do their jobs. What impact is this having on media coverage?
Aid workers complain that the humanitarian dimension of conflicts and disasters is neglected or given superficial treatment. Journalists accuse aid agencies of suppressing the story in the name of safety, and ignoring their own role in crises.
Our panel debates what the growing risks mean for an already troubled relationship.
  • Sam Kiley is a TV and print journalist, who has reported widely on conflicts in the Middle East and Central Africa.
  • Peter Beaumont Foreign affairs editor at the Observer, and has reported from the Balkans, Africa and the Middle East.
  • Bill Neely is international editor for ITV News, and has covered more than a dozen conflicts.
  • Dominic Nutt is head of news at Save the Children UK, and has filed copy from many crisis zones, including Afghanistan, Gaza, Iraq, Mozambique, Malawi and Burundi.
  • Leigh Daynes is head of media at the British Red Cross, and has reported from projects in Darfur, Uganda, Indonesia and Angola.
Visit the British Red Cross website ( for a report on the last Dispatches From Disaster Zones event.