FULLY BOOKED: The Channel 4 BritDoc Foundation & Frontline present – Documentary Matchmaking

July 12, 2010 7:00 PM

The Frontline Club is proud to announce our second event in association with The Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation.  An evening of Documentary Matchmaking to pair great new projects with the right people in the industry to help make them happen.

From 7 – 8.30pm, directors and producers will be introducing their work in progress projects to a crowded room including leading producers, editors, commissioners and possible collaborators. Each project will have a few minutes to lay out what they are doing and what advice or help they need from the experts in the room. Some projects will be at completion stage and others at early development.

From 8.30pm there will be a rotating panel discussion “You’ve finished the film, now what?” on sales and distribution strategy.

The events room and club bar will be open throughout with an informal atmosphere so that there will be the chance for ticket holders and our invited guests to meet and talk.

We have 70 places available for purchase. If you would like to buy a ticket for this event please email [email protected].  Tell us why you want to come – either because you have a project in progress or you’d like to find a project to collaborate on. 

If you want the chance to stand up and talk about your project/ show a short clip – send us information about your project, a link to a clip or trailer if you have one and identify what you would hope to find at the event (a producer, an editor, a mentor, advice etc)