FULLY BOOKED The Bigger Picture with A. A. Gill and Tom Craig

Talk March 1, 2012 7:00 PM

Travelling together on assignments across four continents, photographer Tom Craig and writer A. A. Gill have worked alongside each other on stories from Albanian capitalism to Madagascan Baobabs over the past eight years.

In a new exhibition opening in March, Flaere Gallery have brought together 20 unseen photographs by Tom Craig with accompanying text by A. A. Gill. The pair will speak at the Frontline Club about their close collaboration and the explorations they have embarked upon together.

As journalists are increasingly expected to multi-task and provide the text, photography, video and tweets for their stories, Gill and Craig will mount a defence of their increasingly rare form of partnership and the insights and enrichment two sides on each story can bring.

The event will be moderated by reader in photography at Westminster University David Campany.

“The one thing words and pictures have in common is that their craft is all in the editing. Out of the streaming confusion of information and images, we have to sift and select the things that make a cogent, coherent, engaging plot… What is happening just outside the picture are the words. And when we get it right, the image and the writing, when they come together, they make something that is greater than their binary parts. They’re not illustrations or captions, but a tandem, complimentary work, without repetition or duplication.” A. A. Gill 

The exhibition will run from 5-10 March at The Gallery in Cork Street in association with Quintessentially and sponsored by Boucheron. The production of the artworks in the exhibit is sponsored by Spectrum Photographic.