Swine flu

July 17, 2009

Mexico suspends diplomatic visa exemption for Canadians

Mexico’s foreign secretary has announced the suspension of a visa exemption for Canadian diplomats and officials working in Mexico the country. The decision comes in response to the announcement late Monday by the Canadian government that it was introducing a new visa for Mexican nationals wanting to travel to Canada. Canadian officials and diplomats will now […]

July 2, 2009

Money from Mexican migrants to Mexico continues to fall

The money that Mexicans living abroad send home to their families here in Mexico fell again in May, in what the Associated Press calls the biggest monthly decline on record. "Money sent home by Mexicans working abroad fell by 19.9 percent in May, the biggest monthly decline on record as the U.S. recession slashed jobs. […]

May 8, 2009

Gabriel Orozco opens first solo show in three years in Mexico City

Gabriel Orozco, the Mexican contemporary artist, has opened his first solo show in three years in Mexico City. Crowds turned up last month to the unveiling at the Kurimanzutto art gallery despite the H1N1 flu alert alarming the city at the time. Orozco toured the Mexico states of Oaxaca, Puebla, Queretaro and San Luis Potosi […]

May 4, 2009

Taxi-driver conspiracy theory on swine flu outbreak

If you’ve spent any time in Mexico, especially Mexico City, then you’ll be acquainted with Mexicans’ love of conspiracy theory. As Ken Ellingwood wrote last year, "many Mexicans feel their leaders have lied so many times about so many things over the years that it’s hard to believe them, even when they might be telling […]

May 4, 2009

Video: Swine flu outbreak brings quiet to Mexico City

  — Deborah Bonello in Mexico City for La Plaza.

May 1, 2009

Video: Mexico City vendors feel the effects of swine flu

You can’t have failed to notice that Mexico is in the grip of a swine flu outbreak. Schools, museums and theaters are shut, people have been warned by the government not to kiss or shake hands when they say hello, and around half the people on the street are walking around wearing surgical face masks. […]

April 29, 2009

Hospitals are my new Mexico City hangout

Given the local and international media coverage of Mexico’s current flu outbreak, I was expecting to find lines of people, all of them coughing into their government-issued face masks, winding around the block. Not so.

April 28, 2009

Get a Grip British and International Media

Looking at British newspaper headlines courtesy of the Sky News website, you’d think that the world is in the throes of a Swine Flu epidemic as opposed to a pandemic. CNN International has become an All Swine Flu, All the Time channel judging by my periodic viewing here in Nairobi. Al Jazeera English (where in […]

April 27, 2009

Video: Mexico City vendors feel the effects of swine flu

Swine flu outbreak isn’t just taking its toll on people’s health. Local businesses are also starting to suffer as customers stay away. Watch the video for more.

April 27, 2009

Filming the knock-on effects of swine fly in Mexico City Sunday

I was out shooting all day in downtown Mexico City Sunday, trying to get a sense of how the swine flu outbreak is affecting local businesses.

April 26, 2009

Swine flu doesn’t deter art fans in Mexico City

If you’ve been paying attention to any news out of Mexico over the last 36 hours, you can’t have failed to notice that we are in the grip of an outbreak of swine flu. As the mediareported yesterday, as many as 60 people have been killed by the outbreak and schools, public offices, cinemas and museums have all been closed by the government as a precaution.