Ron McCullagh

August 21, 2012

Kony: Hunt for the World’s Most Wanted

By Jonathan Couturier In the wake of the Kony 2012 campaign that went viral attracting more than 100 million viewers, for BBC Panorama, BAFTA-winning reporter Sorious Samura travelled to the frontline of the battle to bring Joseph Kony to justice. The result is an incisive and often shocking documentary that asks why, after more than two decades, has […]

August 20, 2012 8:00 PM

FULLY BOOKED Screening – Kony: Hunt for the World’s Most Wanted 

Join us for a preview of BBC Panorama‘s Kony: Hunt for the World’s Most Wanted, followed by a Q&A with reporter Sorious Samura, Ron McCullagh of Insight News TV and producer Andrew Bell.

Somewhere in the vast, dense jungles of central Africa is hidden Joseph Kony, one of the world’s most wanted men. In the wake of the infamous “Kony 2012” internet campaign to bring him to justice this year, BAFTA-winning reporter Sorious Samura investigates the myths surrounding Kony and travels to the front line of the fight to bring one of Africa’s most bizarre and brutal leaders to justice.