September 10, 2007

Lucha Libre Fighter Fuerza Guerrera Won’t Show His Face Without A Mask

Fuerza Guerrera is a famous Mexican Lucha Libre fighter who we met in the Latino American Gymnasio, Mexico City. He refused to be interviewed with his face showing – many fighters will only be seen in public wearing their masks. So we interviewed him from behind. Forgive my poor Spanish. [video:bliptv:422133]

September 10, 2007

Lucha Libre highlights from Arena Coliseo

First it was Leono (the Lion), Metalico and Tigre Blanco (the White Tiger) up against Loco Max (Crazy Max), ArkAngel and Doctor X. Then Blue Panther, Heavy Metal and El Sagrado (the Scared) had it out with Hijo de Lizmark (son of Lizmark), Averno and Mephisto. All insults form the crowd involved a combination of […]

August 29, 2007

Lucha Libre fighter shows off bite scars

Whilst lurking around the parking lot of Arena Mexico waiting for the press pass that we've been promised, NewCorrespondent noticed that sitting around chatting to the attendant was Ringo Mendoza, a well known Lucha Libre fighter. At the ripe old age of around sixty, he is still getting in the ring, and also teaches at […]

August 27, 2007

Conversation with a Nationalist Socialist

La Lagunilla, one of the biggest markets in Mexico City, is a boiling mass of furniture, cheap jeans, cameras, shoes, tacos, antique fur coats, old photographs, contemporary art, beer stalls, BBQs and practically anything else that you can think of. Whilst ambling through the hundreds of stalls that spring up each weekend at the market, […]

August 23, 2007

One man dies and 24 are injured in Huamantla’s amateur bullfighting festival, Mexico

[video:bliptv:422064] One man dies and 24 are injured in Huamantla’s amateur bullfighting festival, Mexico One man died and 24 people, including one women, were injured in Huamantla’s amateur bullfighting festival in Mexico this weekend. Each year, the small town of Huamantla in the state of Tlaxcala celebrates the day of the Virgin Mary by creating […]

July 27, 2007

I’m trying out this multi-media experiment in journalism in Mexico. The idea is I upload film, audio, pictures and words as I go along, using the site both as an editorial resource as well as a means of pitching bigger, more traditional pieces to existing editors. At the moment it’s unfunded but I have a […]