intern nation

June 7, 2011

Talks and screenings in the week ahead at the Frontline Club

Tomorrow evening Ross Perlin, author of Intern Nation, and a panel chaired by journalist Martin Bright will discuss the internship and the impact of this now common practice on education, the work place and society. Tonight there is a screening of Deadly Catch, a film that exposes the devastating consequences of pirate fishing in Sierra Leone. The event is organised by […]

June 6, 2011

‘I have no rights, no security, no leverage’: the life of an intern

I don’t begrudge the principles underpinning unpaid internships or placements. To offer somebody the opportunity to gain experience, exposure, contacts and hopefully some structured training in an area or sector that interests them or in which they hope to build a career, seems perfectly sensible. In most of my experience, however, they rarely amount to […]

June 1, 2011

The Frontline Club: What’s coming up in the week ahead

Tonight Paddy O’Connell of BBC Radio 4’s Broadcasting House will be back in the chair for June’s First Wednesday. There are a few tickets left so book now if you want to discuss the effect of the Arab Spring in Iran and the power struggle at the heart of Iran’s government. Tomorrow evening there is […]