Frontline forum

December 19, 2007

Inside Out – January 2008

When we began recruiting members to the Frontline Club, we were often told that it would never work. After all, the sceptics said, why would you want to become part of a club that catered to war journalists and ex-hacks who would bore you with their tales of near death experiences? Four years later and […]

November 19, 2007

Inside Out – November 07

One of the most important debates in journalism is far from over at the Frontline Club. It’s about whether the war in Iraq and the dangerous conflicts in Somalia and Gaza and elsewhere have made it nearly impossible for correspondents and news teams working for “western” news media to do their jobs. In recent months, […]

August 22, 2007

Inside Out – September 07

August  finds  me like most other Londoners who for various reasons are not on holiday in some exotic clime grumbling constantly about the dismal weather. And those of us in London are the lucky ones. No flash floods, no hurricanes, no monster storms, no death defying heat waves. But that said, we’d still like to […]

July 22, 2007

Inside Out – August 07

They don’t make them anymore like Horst Faas. Anyone who had the privilege of hearing Faas at two recent Frontline Club events held in association with The Associated Press would have come away with that feeling. Faas, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner for his photography, is now 74 and confined to a wheel chair. He […]

June 22, 2007

Inside Out – July 07

I started writing this en-route to Frontline’s first event in Kiev amid rumours that Alan Johnston would finally be released. The nightmare for the Johnston family, his loved ones and colleagues looked set to end. At the same the staff of the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) were just coming to terms with […]

May 3, 2007

Frontline’s future

I have just come back from New York where the Frontline Club has put on its maiden US event. I was also looking into the possibility of opening a sister club along the lines of the London club. The event we held focused on our duty, as journalists, to cover the other point of view in […]

May 1, 2007

Inside Out – May 07

So would a Frontline Club and Forum work in the United States?  If so, where? In New York?  In Washington? That’s a question Vaughan and Pranvera Smith and many of us involved in the Frontline Club since its inception have asked ourselves. Not that Vaughan and Pranvera don’t have enough on their plates in Paddington […]

February 15, 2007

Inside Out – February 07

Two years ago, CBS News introduced its “Public Eye” forum as part of its re-launched and revamped website. One of the publicity grabbing things it did was to shoot video of a CBS News editorial meeting and post it on the website. The notion was that the public could then see for itself how the […]