January 24, 2014

The Dos and Don’ts of Data Journalism

by Sally Ashley-Cound “Don’t be seduced.” Michael Blastland ended the first panel at the Frontline Club on Thursday 23 January.

January 23, 2013

How to gain commercial success – Third party: PhotoTALK with WPO

By Sally Ashley-Cound For the second PhotoTALK event with the World Photography Organisation the subject was how to gain commercial success. Discussing this topic at the Frontline Club on Tuesday 22 January, chaired by designer Stuart Smith, were the managing director of Balcony Jump Management Tim Paton, Magnum Photos photographer Chien-Chi Chang, director of Panos […]

February 29, 2012

Matt Frei and the ‘light touch’ (five tips for journalists)

By Thomas Lowe In conversation with Vin Ray, Matt Frei let us into the deepest, darkest and funniest recesses of his journalistic mind. Here is his advice for putting together a good story for television. 1. Pictures Writing well for TV is quite simple, Frei says. The lesson is just to “get out of the way” of the […]