Sunday Screening – Shelter in Place

Screening Sunday 7th February, 2010

A compelling portrait of a community living on the fenceline of big industry. Civil rights, environmental  pollution and a battle against corporate power.

It is the vast, sprawling complexes of oil refineries and petro-chemical plants that help make the Texan economy one of the biggest in the world. But does the wealth come at too a high a price to the local community? Texan industries are legally permitted to release millions of tons of toxic pollutants into the air each year, plus thousands of tons more in ‘accidental’ or ‘unscheduled’ releases. When these incidents happen, local residents are told to stay in their homes and tape up their windows and doors. 

This procedure is called ‘Shelter in Place’. Communities living on the fenceline of Texan industry are usually poor, African American and powerless to protest.  This film is an intimate portrait of a community battling against environmental pollution and corporate power.

Nominated for The Green Award at Sheffield doc/fest
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Director Zed Nelson’s biography:
Zed Nelson is an internationally renowned photojournalist turned-film-maker who has won numerous documentary photography awards.  He has photographed and written features for the Observer Magazine, the Sunday Times magazine and TIME magazine.  From the war in Sierra Leone, to back-stage with the Rolling Stones, Zed’s work is challenging and diverse, but always about people and the world we have made for ourselves.  He’s featured in The World’s Top Photographers: Photojournalism (Rotovision, 2006) and Witness: The Worlds Greatest News Photographers (Carlton, 2005).  
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