Special Screening – The Arbor

Screening June 13, 2011 7:00 PM

Both troubling and deeply compelling, The Arbor recollects the life of Andrea Dunbar, the short-lived, alcoholic playwright from Bradford, focusing in particular on the troubled relationship between Dunbar and her daughter Lorraine.

Part fact, part re-enactment and part archival footage, Clio Barnard’s debut feature seamlessly amalgamates location shots, audio interviews and lip-synched acting performances to create a unique and genre-blending ‘documentary’ experience.

Nominated for numerous awards and claiming both the ‘Innovation Award’ at the Sheffield Documentary Festival and the British Independent Film award for ‘Best Achievement in Production’, The Arbor marks, for Barnard, the beginning of what is surely to become an enchanting and distinguished career in filmmaking.


Directed by Clio Barnard
94 mins



In association with the Cinema Eye Honors, which recognise and honour exemplary craft and innovation in nonfiction film. This screening is to pay special mention to the British filmmakers nominated this year.

The Arbor was nominated for the 2011 Spotlight award.