Special Event: Mark Sedwill, Ambassador to Afghanistan in conversation

Talk Tuesday 26th January, 2010

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Mark Sedwill, Ambassador to Afghanistan since April 2009, will be at the Frontline Club for a special event ahead of the London Conference on Afghanistan which begins on 28 January.

A unique opportunity to hear the British Ambassador in Kabul discuss the future of Afghanistan and what can be achieved at the international conference.

Tipped to be the Nato Civilian Representative in Afghanistan, Mark Sedwill has been reported saying that the conference would aim to set tentative timetable to switch security duties from foreign troops to local forces and that it is likely to pledge funding for a program aimed at encouraging Taliban fighters to renounce violence and promoting reconciliation with the government.

Mark Sedwill will be in conversation with Nick Fielding, journalist and author of two books: Defending the Realm: Inside MI5 and the War on Terrorism and Masterminds of Terror.

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