Special Event: Malalai Joya at the Frontline Club

Talk Tuesday 28th July, 2009

An opportunity to hear prominent Afghan politician Malalai Joya, who has been called the "the bravest woman in Afghanistan" speaking at the Frontline Club.
Elected in 2005 to the new Afghan Parliament Malalai Joya, who has campaigned for women’s rights and taken on the warlords in 2003 with a powerful speech objecting to their presence at a conference to draft the Afghan constitution, has recently been in Australia to packed audiences.
Banned from office by a majority vote of parliament after calling it a sanctuary for "warlords and theocrats"  Malalai Joya has received death threats and survived two assassination attempts but remains determined to  highlight abuses against women and to represent the victims of Afghanistan’s endless cycle of violence.
In the UK to launch her new autobiography Raising My Voice,  Malalai Joya, one of the few to have spoken out against a government which has the support of the West, will be discussing her work tackling human rights abuses in Aghanistan and the coming election.

A special dinner with Malalai Joya will be held in the Clubroom after the event, tickets £50. For booking email [email protected]

Photo by: AfghanKabul