Somalia Season Screening: Lost Boys

Screening Monday 8th September, 2008

Lost Boys is a powerful documentary about the young Somali men of London who, alienated in their community and detached from their faith, are turning to ever more violent forms of street crime.

Rageh Omaar investigates the stories of three recent Somali gang murders in the city to try to understand why this new generation is frustrated and underachieving – and why Somalis are now the largest ethnic group incarcerated in the notorious young offenders institution in Feltham.

Despite an escalation of violence it wasn’t until 18-year-old Mahir Osman was murdered by a 30-strong Somali gang in January 2006 that clan elders realised events had spiralled out of their control.

The murder led to three gang members being sentenced to life imprisonment.

Through personal meetings with disgruntled boys and elders who have taken to patrolling the streets at night, Rageh discovers that it is not just young Somalis who are finding life increasingly tough away from their war-ravaged homeland.

Reporter: Rageh Omaar
Director: Paul Sapin
Length: 27 mins