Sneak Preview: Sri Lanka Trilogy

Screening Monday 13th August, 2007

How the East Was Won (Sneak Preview)
Spring 2007 saw an escalation of the conflict in Sri Lanka – culminating in President Rajapakse’s forecast that by end of April his army will have “cleansed” the island’s Eastern region of rebel Tamil Tiger forces.  But the fall-out from the government’s military offensive is huge: refugees are yet to make it home from camps, child soldiers remain missing and LTTE rebels are still holding out in pockets. Al Jazeera’s Juliana Ruhfus assess whether the government has really ‘won’ the war in the east and if so – at what price?
Peace Wars (Sneak Preview)
Buddhism, with the sacred principle of non-violence is usually considered the most peaceful religion of all. But not so in Sri Lanka were groups of warmongering monks – who represented even in parliament – are urging the government to take a pro-war stance against the Tamil Tiger rebels. In the island’s south Al Jazeera’s Juliana Ruhfus explores the concept of ‘political Buddhism’ with monks who are convinced that war is the best way to peace. (TX: Aug 07)

Tiger Tax
Al Jazeera’s Juliana Ruhfus investigates the LTTE’s fundraising methods amongst London’s Diaspora Tamil community. There is first hand testimony from Tamils who have been forced into making donations for the LTTE’s ‘Final War’.  But massive attendances of Tamils during Hero’s Day and Anton Balasingham’s funeral also show unwavering support for the secessionist fighters and questions how well the British ban on the LTTE is working.