Sneak Preview Screening: The Battle for Haditha – FULLY BOOKED

Screening Monday 10th March, 2008

‘There are many ways to see the same story’

Documentarian Nick Broomfield’s third fictional feature is a forensic cinema verité-style account of a real-life massacre in Iraq, when US marines gunned down 24 Iraqi civilians in cold blood.

The film contains three strands which follow three groups of individuals caught up in the tragic events – a pair of insurgents who plant a roadside bomb, the US Marines who seek revenge after the bomb kills one of their number, and the innocents who ultimately pay the price.

The Battle for Haditha is a film that shows the nuances and ambiguities of ideology and occupation but does not shy away from the brutality of US troops and the hatred of Iraqis towards them. It treads a line between feeling empathy for the US soldiers and despair on behalf of ordinary Iraqis, making it an important piece of work coinciding with the five year anniversary.

Length: 93 mins
Directed by: Nick Broomfield
Produced by: Channel 4 Films and Lafayette Films
See trailer here