Sneak Preview Screening – Just Do It

Screening October 29, 2010 7:00 PM

Emily James presents a work in progress screening of her new film, Just Do It: get off your arse and change the world, a behind the scenes look at civil disobedient climate activism in the UK.
Gaining access to film people planning, practicing, and perpetrating ‘criminal’ actions was no easy feat. Emily worked with the contributors and their lawyers, and developed security measures as well as a strong relationship of trust, leading to unprecedented access. Her footage shows us the people behind the activist politics, providing the often overlooked human element to their story as we watch them take on the combined forces of global capitalism, run-away climate change, and those pesky Metropolitan Police.
James and team are crowd-funding the film through and will release it for free under a Creative Commons licence. The session will explore the groundbreaking funding, distribution and legal strategy behind the film.

Special rough cut screening 2 x 20mins

Just Do It is screened in association with Shooting People