Screenings from the Frontline with Al Jazeera: Tweets from Tahrir

Screening February 13, 2012 7:00 PM

Selected Screening: Tweets from Tahrir 

A year ago Cairo’s "Twitterati" tweeted their revolution for 18 days in and around Tahrir Square. Young, urbane and highly motivated, their tweets revealed the truth of the scale of the uprising which Egypt’s state media sought to hide. It gave a street-level minute-by-minute account of the bravery and persistence of the Egyptian people which resulted in the downfall of a dictator. A year later Al Jazeera talks to some of those who posted on twitter to hear in more than 140 characters what they thought then, and what they feel now about developments since the heady days of February 2011. The film film is based on a book by Alex Nunns and Nadia Idle of the same name and published by OR books. For more information on the book see: 

Screenings from the Frontline with Al Jazeera is a new initiative to contextualize the news and working experiences of journalists and filmmakers reporting out of the political hotspots of our time. It aims to bridge the gap between the British audience and the biggest events taking place in modern history by showing a pre-broadcast special report with the presence of people involved in making them. Each screening pays homage to the groundbreaking work of filmmakers and journalists that risk their lives to provide in-depth reports to people across the globe as and when the events occur. 

Director: Damian Clarke

Length: 48′

Year: 2012