Screening: World in Action, End of a Revolution – 40th Anniversary

Screening 6 November 2007

In the autumn of 1967 World in Action producer Brian Moser was in Bolivia hoping to make contact with Che Guevara, but unfortunately the CIA, US Special Forces and their Bolivian/Cuban exile surrogates got to him first…

Brian and Richard Gott of the Guardian were the first foreign journalists to whom Che’s corpse was displayed. With Moser’s camera crew still to arrive from New York, End of a Revolution opens with dramatic still shots of the corpse with a nervous voiceover recorded on Moser’s portable tape recorder. Later in the film he interviews Regis Debray, the Bolivian President, the US Ambassador and members of the US special forces.

On the 40th anniversary of Che Guevara’s death, Brian and John Sheppard will discuss whether he was committed to the grassroots revolution movement or was, in fact, a romantic adventurer with incoherent methods, which eventually led to his capture.

Length: 26 mins
Director/Producer: Brian Moser