Screening: Who Am I?

Screening Monday 31st March, 2008

What happens when you discover that your father isn’t your father?  What if you learn the man you thought was your father actually killed your biological parents? During the “so-called” dirty war in Argentina (1976-1983), the military dictatorship there abducted some 30,000 people.  Some were young women, pregnant or with small children. 

About 500 of these children were taken from their parents, given to military families under new identities.  Now, some thirty years on, they are grown up and struggling to learn the truth, to find justice for the crimes committed in the past, and above all, to understand what this means for their own identity.

Director Estela Bravo has been making this film for twenty years. 

Directed by: Estela Bravo
Written by: Ernesta Bravo
Produced by: Paul Mitchell, Rachel Seifert and Susan Sillens
Length:  105 mins