Screening: Triage – Dr James Orbinski’s Humanitarian Dilemma

Screening Friday 19th September, 2008

The act of triage is the ultimate humanitarian nightmare. Racing against time with limited resources, relief workers make split-second decisions: who gets treatment; who gets food; who lives; who dies. In Triage: Dr. James Orbinski’s Humanitarian Dilemma, director Patrick Reed follows Dr. James Orbinski on a heart-wrenching journey back to the lands and people whose life-and-death struggle marked him forever.

Orbinski accepted the 1999 Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) as their president and was a field doctor during the Somali famine and the Rwandan genocide.

The film is produced by Peter Raymont of White Pine Pictures, the creative team of the Emmy Award-winning Shake Hands with the Devil: The Journey of Roméo Dallaire. Triage: Dr. James Orbinski’s Humanitarian Dilemma is co-produced by Silva Basmajian.

Official selection: Hotdocs 2008, Sundance Film Festival 2008, International Documentary Festival Amsterdam 2007.

Length: 88 mins
Directed by: Patrick Reed
Produced by Peter Raymont and Silva Basmajian
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