Screening: The Scorpions – A Home Movie

Screening 21 November 2007

Produced by the Humanitarian Law Center, Scorpions – a Home Movie is an unrelenting portrait of the daily life of the Scorpions, a unit of the Serbian Ministry of the Interior, and the crimes the unit committed during the wars in the former Yugoslavia.

War crimes trials have been conducted in Serbia for the murder of six Srebrenica Bosniaks in July 1995 in Trnovo, Bosnia and for the killing of 14 and wounding of 5 Albanians in Podujevo, Kosovo, in 1999. Both crimes were committed by members of the Scorpions unit.

The film includes the infamous footage of the execution of the six Bosniaks, shot by the unit’s cameraman; footage of the trial conducted before the War Crimes Trial Chamber of the Belgrade District Court, as well as interviews with former members of the unit themselves.

Director: Suzana Jovanovic
Executive Producer: Natasha Kandic