Screening: The Road to Kerbala

Talk Sunday 25th March, 2007

The Road to Kerbala captures Katia Jarjoura’s investigative journey with Shiite pilgrims on their annual 110 kilometre-walk from Baghdad to the Shiite capital Kerbala, which was banned under Saddam’s dictatorship.
Through the narrative of her main character, a Shiite poet and former political prisoner, the film gives an insight into the heart of the long-oppressed Shiite community of Iraq.
Along the road, we encounter religious and social rituals, political demonstrations, American soldiers as well as the peaceful countryside of Iraq.
This personal journey reveals an intimate view of a little-known community, which both embraces and celebrates both life and death in their new-found freedom. 
Arcola Theatre, 27 Arcola Street, London E8 2DJ