Screening: The Other Side of the Country

Screening Monday 17th September, 2007

The population is the battleground in “one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world,” where war continues between rebels and the Ugandan government.

As rebels abduct and force children and adults into their ranks, thousands flood into towns searching for security. In response, the government forces 1.7 million people into camps in an attempt to cut off the rebel’s supplies and recruits. Instead of protection, the camps offer disease and death.

The Other Side of the Country powerfully shows what it means for people to live through a war carried out by rebels and played down and drawn out by a complicit government. Shot entirely onsite and told exclusively through the images, voices and perspectives of Ugandans.

‘A film as remarkable for its content as its form, turning the spotlight on a people’s suffering and revealing the astonishing level of government inaction’ – La Cote, Switzerland

Director: Catherine Hebert
Length: 83 mins

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