Screening: The Ministry of Truth – Uncensored

Screening Monday 7th January, 2008

The Ministry of Truth is a wry investigation into the politics of deception as director Richard Symons tries to persuade MPs to back his proposed Misrepresentation of the People Act, which would see any politician found guilty of lying to the public removed from office.

A documentary that questions one of the fundamental principles of democracy – accountability  – The Ministry of Truth asks what we the people can do if we have been deceived by parliament.

Symons quizzes some of the country’s most well known politician’s including Michael Howard, George Osborne and Jack Straw, but will he find one willing to support his bill?

This cut features footage never before seen in previous showings.

Director/Producer: Richard Symons
Executive Producers: Nick Fraser and Leslie Woodhead
A Spirit Level Film
Length: 58 minutes